A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are alone on a small fishing boat, and you desperately need to reach the shore. The closest dock is a small island with a lighthouse, surrounded by hundreds of rocks  and naval mines. Will you survive?

For this game, I worked on my own and put lot of effort was put into the sound design and atmosphere. You can walk around the ship to use the boat controls, and look around for mines with the flashlight. You also have a handy mine detector on the bow of the boat.

WASD to walk around

F to toggle flashlight

Q and E while in cabin to adjust steering and throttle

 As everything must die in one hit, as soon as you hit a naval mine or rock, it's game over.


(This game was made for Mini Jam 108: Seaside. If you're in this jam I would love to check out your game!)

Game Play Example:


FaintHorizon-WindowsVersion.zip 77 MB


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love the game

Thanks for playing! congrats on beating it!

nice game

Thanks for playing!

Excellent game for the jam! 
I enjoyed the atmosphere, the sound design and most of all the eeriness and overall environment of the game. There were some issues with the collisions, but overall, for the jam project this was fantastic. Great job developer (s) ✌


Thank you so much! I really appreciate the review, it was entertaining! I'll be sure to check out some of your games. And yeah the collisions are not great, just didn't have time to figure out a better way. Thanks again!